We are Juliana Fermin and Herbert Morton, and our travel agency is HJ Travels. HJ Travels is a fully licensed business and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an "A" rating. . HJ Travels is a full-service travel agency ready to fulfill your travel needs.


Juliana and I have traveled all over the world. More specifically, between us, we have been to just about every Caribbean island and traveled to Cancun and other parts of Mexico many times. Also between us we have been on 40 cruises! These are our areas of expertise as well as Las Vegas and Hawaii. We chose to open a travel agency because we wanted to extend our love of traveling to others. We love to plan vacations for our clients and nothing makes us happier than when they come home and tell us what a wonderful time they had.


Two things HJ Travels likes to emphasize for our clients are time and value. As many consumers have found out, doing the research to plan a trip can be very time consuming. Let us handle that for you. Value and the lowest price are not always the same thing. Sometimes a client can spend just a little more money and get greater value for their travel dollar. For example, we recently booked some golf enthusiasts to Punta Cana. The lowest price they were able to find at their chosen resort at a big online agency was $3200 and that included airfare, the room and shared transfers. We sold them a package for $3480 that included the air and room plus a free round of golf, 3 meals a day, 50% discount on greens fees, private transfers and a $100 resort credit. They spent a little more but got a much better value and will enjoy their trip more. Most times, however, we can offer a better value at the same (or better) price than can be found online.

When booking with HJ Travels, we can usually offer a payment plan so you don't have to pay for the vacation all at once like you would at the big online agencies.

HJ Travels is confident we can put together a vacation to satisfy your travel needs. Especially to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Las Vegas and cruises. Thank you for considering HJ Travels.

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